Searching for the perfect editor? Finished your manuscript and wondering what to do next?

Let Me Help! 

Claerie K Editing 

Author Claerie Kavanaugh 


"Claerie Kavanaugh has been a valuable beta reader for my Haunting Fairytales Series. Punctual with deadlines and insightful, she is a valuable person to have as part of my lead up to finishing my projects. Her comments and eye for detail have helped shaped my books into something I am proud of."


R.L. Weeks, Bestselling Author

My Areas of Expertise:

  1. Fairy Tale Retellings 

  2. Contemporary Romance-including LBGTQ 

  3. Historical Fantasy/Fiction

  4. Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic  

  5. Mystery/Crime

  6. Science Fiction 

I don't work with:

  1. Erotica

  2. Horror 

For more information or to submit a genre not listed here, contact me for a free consultation. 

Why do I need an editor?

No matter whether you plan to self-publish or traditionally publish, you need an outside source to read your work before thrusting it into the query trenches or into the world.



Even though you've toiled away for weeks, months, years, there comes a time when you are so close to the work that it's hard to imagine any flaws in it at all. And while family and friends can serve as a great source of encouragement, they may be biased because they care for you, and it's a gamble whether they will be a member of your target audience. You only get one chance at a first impression, and as an author myself, I know how important it is to put your best foot forward. 

An outside source helps to:


Tell you whether your book fits the expectations of your genre and target audience. 



Find plot holes, unfinished character arcs and other inconsistencies you may have missed in self-edits. (If you work with me, I'll also help you find new ways to fix them). 


Make sure your story comes across your audience in the most effective, irresistible, professional form possible.

I offer several different services to cater to newer writers as well as veterans. These include beta reading, three types of editing, sensitivity reading and coaching.

Do you want the same results? 

Get concrete feedback from an author who has been exactly where you are?


Have someone in your corner not only to edit your current book but brainstorm, cheerlead, and help you improve your writing syle overall?

How would it feel to:

Why Work With Me?

I'm an author and editor, so I have first-hand knowledge of both sides of the publishing industry. I graduated with a BA in Creative Writing and a minor in Technical and Professional Communications. I've been a freelance editor since 2017, and in that time, I have:

Worked on over 30 books, many of which are published and one of which was nominated for a Hugo Award 

Worked as a sensitivity reader for big-name publishers such as HarperCollins, Bloomsbury, and  Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers

Had three short stories and one novella published, with more coming

As an author and an editor, I treat every manuscript that comes my way with the respect, dedication, and sensitivity that I want from those reading my work. I strive to help make stories their strongest selves while still keeping the author’s voice and vision at the forefront.  In the end, my customers are presenting me with a piece of themselves, and honoring their authenticity is of the utmost importance. Whether you're a veteran author or debut writer, let's make your work shine together! 

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I edit fiction and will make a few rare exceptions for memoirs. I will edit any genre except erotica and horror, but I am primarily familiar with fantasy and contemporary along with their sub-genres. Every edit (except the 50-page Manuscript Critique) starts with a free ten-page sample edit accompanied by some introductory questions so I can tailor the process directly to you. 

Beta Reading

A single pass with overall thoughts in the manuscript focusing on gut reactions and my thoughts as a reader. Feedback may include thoughts on dialogue, plot, characterization, pointing out places that were confusing/unclear etc. 

Sensitivity Reading 

A sensitivity reader reads a book with the intention of providing the perspective of as a member of marginalized group portrayed within the work to determine the accuracy of said representation. 


This service is meant for authors who have already done a manuscript critique or full developmental edit. I will work with them through an exchange of documents and screen sharing to revise areas where they are struggling based on prior editorial feedback. We will go back and forth until we are both satisfied with the state of the manuscript.

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